Tabernacle, I Miss You

Atlanta is my home, but I would consider the Tabernacle one of my very first and very favorite homes to live music. From the moment you enter, music floats across the crowd to welcome you warmly in and you are surrounded by the night sky murals stretching across the main entry room.

This year has brought so many trials and hardships for so many, but one thing it (temporarily) took from us was live music. Just days before my next Tabernacle show (Pigeons Playing Ping Pong), COVID swept through and shut the nation down. It’s been six months now, and I am happy to report I will be re-entering the music world with a socially distanced PPPP show, though unfortunately not at the Tabernacle.

The second I found these glitter-backed sneakers I knew I wanted to Tab them up. I incorporated several parts of the Tabernacle interior: the night sky mural, the interior wallpaper, the balcony banisters, and last but certainly not least, the notorious roof star design on the tongue.

These shoes are a women’s’ size 7 and are available to purchase. These can also be recreated in another size, with the same or similar design. $150

Each pair is custom, free-hand, and protected with a UV and water-resistant barrier.